Friday, August 20, 2010

My Fav. Asian's birthday!

The baby of the group is now 19! hehehehe. and mines next... i will be 21 this december! WOOHOO =]
heres some pics from the partay... we just went out to dinner to cheesecake factory in seattle which is a WAY nicer location than bellevue =] If you're wondering, my dress is from Papaya, it was 30 bucks! super cute right? i loved it when i saw it

me and my sister Sarah, waiting for the birtdhay girlieee

the whole group

all the girls =]

me and the birthday girl kyna! =]

FUN TIMES. hopefully i can get back to making some videos... especially since summer is coming to an end and everyone will be getting back to their regular lives, maybe i can come up with some more time =] i hope so... i totally miss youtube haha. im hanging out with my boyfriend tomorrow! =] he is taking me out for some filipino food i think.. i dont know yet we will see! have you guys done anything fun this summer?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


OMGGGG warped tour was awesome!!!!!! I had so much fun... we got a motel in wenatchee and went up the day before to just chill in leavenworth.. which is such a weird town haha everything reminds me of shrek like in the far far away town. all the signs were like old english looking or whatever lol. we ate ice cream, which the girls that worked there were hecka rude... they need to be nice like me! then they will get more tips! haha i only got one hour of sleep the day before and didnt wanna sleep the whole day away at the motel so i was soooo sleepy.... i had major eye bags lol then of course the next day we went to warped! the line was so long though we missed a couple bands in the beginning but thats ok cuz i didnt even know the bands anyways lol. there were 6 or 7 stages, so im glad that the bands i got to see didnt overlap each other when they played. I'm gonna make a video of all the bands i saw, cuz i didnt take photos of much of them, just video. BUT i did meet a couple people! I met Confide, which is an awesome metalcore band. omg they are so awesome live! their mosh pits are a bit crazy for me so i just kinda stood off to the side haha. and then i met my FAVORITE australian band singer from Closure in Moscow... if you havent heard of them go check their music now i LOVE them! and he was really nice... and of course his accent=freaking sweet. haha. Also, while we were walking around we saw Gavin from This Providence just walking around. This Providence wasnt playing at warped tour, he was just there hanging out so we made sure we got a photo with him lol. The Bands I got to see were:
Hey Monday
Pierce the Viel
Closure in Moscow
The Cab
Breathe Carolina
Mayday Parade

ANYWAYS, if you havent gone to a warped tour before i strongly suggest you do =] Here's a bunch of pics from the two day vacation! lol

Our Motel 6 ahhaa. at least it wasnt 80's...

\Bryan Me Kyna and Tony in the back in front of a giant knight lol (Leavenworth)

Leavenworth, WA

Me and one of my best fraaands. Nemo hats!

I dont even know hahaha

Eating Ice cream... hecka tired. baskin robbins has better rainbow sherbert.. lol

Me and Kanye. (Kyna)

Me and Bryan waiting for Confide to play
Breathe Carolina =] love them... they swear a lot on stage though lol..


The gorge ampitheater in George, WA. so beautiful
SO AWESOME. see WA doesnt always have rain! lol
Me and Bryan with CONFIDE! they are sooo amazing! =]

Gavin from this Providence!

Me and my FAV AUSSIE SINGER, Chris de Cinque

And of course my tan lines that turned into a minor burn =[ i never usually burn either..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Im SOOOOO excited for the weekend! I'm gonna be going to warped tour!!!!! =D Me my boyfriend, my friend Kyna and some other guy she knows are going up friday and gonna be back Sunday! And i HATE camping, so we got a hotel instead hehehehe.. i dont consider myself that high maintenance but i hate feeling dirty in the mornings. and im def. not going two days without showers ESPECIALLY if i happen to be cursed with that time of month this weekend.. haha.

So yaaaaaaaaa I cant wait, i am gonna see this band called Closure in Moscow, they are from Australia so im STOKED to see them play! And a few others I wanna see are Confide, Breathe Carolina, and Emarosa! There are tons of bands playing which i love cuz i like checkin out music and then putting it on my zune later. I will definitly be taking LOTS of photos so you guys can see how it all is!
I'm considering this to be my vacation this summer because my parent used to own property in Winthrop which is about 4 hours from where i live but they just sold it so now we cant go there =[ ah well YES warped tour! did any of you go??

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me and my Bran =]


Today Bryan picked me up and we went to kirkland and WOWWWWW we wanna move there now! screw Everett! hahaha. kirkland is SO nice and they have so many waterfront apartments.. I can just imagine us on our little apartment porch overlooking the water sippin on lemonade with my newborn puppy in hand. HAHAH. i love it. And then we ate teriyaki there mmmm mmm =] i need to remember to ask for no veggies i hate teriyaki salad. We are saving up for warped tour so we didnt eat too expensive, since its a rich people town lol. AND it was the first time i have ever seen an actual store for plastic surgery and botox, cuz you never see that in Etown. Anyways it was fun and we relaxed on a bench looking out at the water. =]

Outfits From Haul Vidyooo

Hope you guys liked my haul. let me know if you like it better when i throw together an outfit with the stuff i got. =] Here are the things again:

Gray Rose Bellted Top, $15.80,Forever 21

"Sheer Ruffle Front Top," CORAL, $19.80, Forever 21

"Lace Slub Top," BLACK/CREAM, "$17.80, Forever 21

"Lace Striped Top," BLACK/CREAM, $17.80, Forever 21

"Basic Heathered Knit Top," HEATHER GREY, $10.90, Forever 21

"Floral Embodied Tank Dress," CREAM/RED, $15.80, Forever 21

"Fab Silken Cami," OLIVE, $13.50, Forever 21

"Chic Relaxed Top," WALNUT, $11.80, Forever 21

"Silky Floral Tiered Top," CREAM/RED, $16.50, Forever 21

Lace Back Taupe Vest,$13.99, Papaya

"Soft Military Button Cardigan," OLIVE, $10.99, Papaya

Black Lace Back Vest, $14.99, Macy's ON SALE =]

Have you ever heard of papaya?? I swear I'm liking their stuff a million times more than forever 21 right now AND their prices are cheaper! if you don't have a store in your area you can also order online at


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newest Haul Preview!

Here's a preview of what to expect in my next haul... I am actually putting together full outfits for this haul and cant wait til the finished product! I filmed about half today and plan to do the other half tomorrow. then editing process tomorrow night! I just got my new camera so its taking time getting used to but i will figure it out! I LOVE SHOPPANG!!!!!!!!!! forever 21 woohoooo!

Gonna be adding the rest of the outfit fotos on here when the haul is up, but for now, this is just a sneak peak!

"Sheer Ruffle Front Top," CORAL, $19.80, Forever 21
"Expandable Bracelet Set," PEACH/GOLD, $6.80, Forever 21

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

YES! a blog!

Soooo I decided to make this blog, so that you guys could get to know me even more =] I'll be posting stuff for hauls, contests, makeup reviews, swatches, outfits of the day, and just anything awesome i might have done throughout the day!
Thanks to all my subscribers on youtube, you are all awesome.
I know its like  in the morning, but tomorrow iam FINALLY gonna film my newest haul video.. i got a bunch of cute forever 21 stuff about a week ago and i am just now able to film. I have been hecka busy man!

OH AND! my boyfriend gave me his camera! just because he doesnt use it, so its better quality than my old one. I'm excited to try it out tomorrow!! woohoo! anyways i think its time to sleep, WHY do i always do this to myself? OH YA! cuz someone stole all the rest of my (all natural) sleeping aids! =[

PS: in the words of my boyfriend: "That would be messed up if someone smeared crap on braille!"