Saturday, August 7, 2010

Outfits From Haul Vidyooo

Hope you guys liked my haul. let me know if you like it better when i throw together an outfit with the stuff i got. =] Here are the things again:

Gray Rose Bellted Top, $15.80,Forever 21

"Sheer Ruffle Front Top," CORAL, $19.80, Forever 21

"Lace Slub Top," BLACK/CREAM, "$17.80, Forever 21

"Lace Striped Top," BLACK/CREAM, $17.80, Forever 21

"Basic Heathered Knit Top," HEATHER GREY, $10.90, Forever 21

"Floral Embodied Tank Dress," CREAM/RED, $15.80, Forever 21

"Fab Silken Cami," OLIVE, $13.50, Forever 21

"Chic Relaxed Top," WALNUT, $11.80, Forever 21

"Silky Floral Tiered Top," CREAM/RED, $16.50, Forever 21

Lace Back Taupe Vest,$13.99, Papaya

"Soft Military Button Cardigan," OLIVE, $10.99, Papaya

Black Lace Back Vest, $14.99, Macy's ON SALE =]

Have you ever heard of papaya?? I swear I'm liking their stuff a million times more than forever 21 right now AND their prices are cheaper! if you don't have a store in your area you can also order online at



  1. OMG!! So i subscribe to ur youtube channel and love all ur videos!! I jus got super excited when I found out you had a blog. Haha. <3

  2. I love all you outfit. I really love the flower dress.

  3. I absolutely LOVE all of your outfits..Your clothes are so cute!