Tuesday, August 17, 2010


OMGGGG warped tour was awesome!!!!!! I had so much fun... we got a motel in wenatchee and went up the day before to just chill in leavenworth.. which is such a weird town haha everything reminds me of shrek like in the far far away town. all the signs were like old english looking or whatever lol. we ate ice cream, which the girls that worked there were hecka rude... they need to be nice like me! then they will get more tips! haha i only got one hour of sleep the day before and didnt wanna sleep the whole day away at the motel so i was soooo sleepy.... i had major eye bags lol then of course the next day we went to warped! the line was so long though we missed a couple bands in the beginning but thats ok cuz i didnt even know the bands anyways lol. there were 6 or 7 stages, so im glad that the bands i got to see didnt overlap each other when they played. I'm gonna make a video of all the bands i saw, cuz i didnt take photos of much of them, just video. BUT i did meet a couple people! I met Confide, which is an awesome metalcore band. omg they are so awesome live! their mosh pits are a bit crazy for me so i just kinda stood off to the side haha. and then i met my FAVORITE australian band singer from Closure in Moscow... if you havent heard of them go check their music now i LOVE them! and he was really nice... and of course his accent=freaking sweet. haha. Also, while we were walking around we saw Gavin from This Providence just walking around. This Providence wasnt playing at warped tour, he was just there hanging out so we made sure we got a photo with him lol. The Bands I got to see were:
Hey Monday
Pierce the Viel
Closure in Moscow
The Cab
Breathe Carolina
Mayday Parade

ANYWAYS, if you havent gone to a warped tour before i strongly suggest you do =] Here's a bunch of pics from the two day vacation! lol

Our Motel 6 ahhaa. at least it wasnt 80's...

\Bryan Me Kyna and Tony in the back in front of a giant knight lol (Leavenworth)

Leavenworth, WA

Me and one of my best fraaands. Nemo hats!

I dont even know hahaha

Eating Ice cream... hecka tired. baskin robbins has better rainbow sherbert.. lol

Me and Kanye. (Kyna)

Me and Bryan waiting for Confide to play
Breathe Carolina =] love them... they swear a lot on stage though lol..


The gorge ampitheater in George, WA. so beautiful
SO AWESOME. see WA doesnt always have rain! lol
Me and Bryan with CONFIDE! they are sooo amazing! =]

Gavin from this Providence!

Me and my FAV AUSSIE SINGER, Chris de Cinque

And of course my tan lines that turned into a minor burn =[ i never usually burn either..

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