Friday, August 20, 2010

My Fav. Asian's birthday!

The baby of the group is now 19! hehehehe. and mines next... i will be 21 this december! WOOHOO =]
heres some pics from the partay... we just went out to dinner to cheesecake factory in seattle which is a WAY nicer location than bellevue =] If you're wondering, my dress is from Papaya, it was 30 bucks! super cute right? i loved it when i saw it

me and my sister Sarah, waiting for the birtdhay girlieee

the whole group

all the girls =]

me and the birthday girl kyna! =]

FUN TIMES. hopefully i can get back to making some videos... especially since summer is coming to an end and everyone will be getting back to their regular lives, maybe i can come up with some more time =] i hope so... i totally miss youtube haha. im hanging out with my boyfriend tomorrow! =] he is taking me out for some filipino food i think.. i dont know yet we will see! have you guys done anything fun this summer?

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  1. This is an awesome piece. The outfits are so amazing! Well done!