Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newest Haul Preview!

Here's a preview of what to expect in my next haul... I am actually putting together full outfits for this haul and cant wait til the finished product! I filmed about half today and plan to do the other half tomorrow. then editing process tomorrow night! I just got my new camera so its taking time getting used to but i will figure it out! I LOVE SHOPPANG!!!!!!!!!! forever 21 woohoooo!

Gonna be adding the rest of the outfit fotos on here when the haul is up, but for now, this is just a sneak peak!

"Sheer Ruffle Front Top," CORAL, $19.80, Forever 21
"Expandable Bracelet Set," PEACH/GOLD, $6.80, Forever 21


  1. you have really nice hair:)


  2. All you needed in this picture is a straw from a haystack between yoiur teeth.