Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Im SOOOOO excited for the weekend! I'm gonna be going to warped tour!!!!! =D Me my boyfriend, my friend Kyna and some other guy she knows are going up friday and gonna be back Sunday! And i HATE camping, so we got a hotel instead hehehehe.. i dont consider myself that high maintenance but i hate feeling dirty in the mornings. and im def. not going two days without showers ESPECIALLY if i happen to be cursed with that time of month this weekend.. haha.

So yaaaaaaaaa I cant wait, i am gonna see this band called Closure in Moscow, they are from Australia so im STOKED to see them play! And a few others I wanna see are Confide, Breathe Carolina, and Emarosa! There are tons of bands playing which i love cuz i like checkin out music and then putting it on my zune later. I will definitly be taking LOTS of photos so you guys can see how it all is!
I'm considering this to be my vacation this summer because my parent used to own property in Winthrop which is about 4 hours from where i live but they just sold it so now we cant go there =[ ah well YES warped tour! did any of you go??

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