Tuesday, August 3, 2010

YES! a blog!

Soooo I decided to make this blog, so that you guys could get to know me even more =] I'll be posting stuff for hauls, contests, makeup reviews, swatches, outfits of the day, and just anything awesome i might have done throughout the day!
Thanks to all my subscribers on youtube, you are all awesome.
I know its like  in the morning, but tomorrow iam FINALLY gonna film my newest haul video.. i got a bunch of cute forever 21 stuff about a week ago and i am just now able to film. I have been hecka busy man!

OH AND! my boyfriend gave me his camera! just because he doesnt use it, so its better quality than my old one. I'm excited to try it out tomorrow!! woohoo! anyways i think its time to sleep, WHY do i always do this to myself? OH YA! cuz someone stole all the rest of my (all natural) sleeping aids! =[

PS: in the words of my boyfriend: "That would be messed up if someone smeared crap on braille!"

1 comment:

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