Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me and my Bran =]


Today Bryan picked me up and we went to kirkland and WOWWWWW we wanna move there now! screw Everett! hahaha. kirkland is SO nice and they have so many waterfront apartments.. I can just imagine us on our little apartment porch overlooking the water sippin on lemonade with my newborn puppy in hand. HAHAH. i love it. And then we ate teriyaki there mmmm mmm =] i need to remember to ask for no veggies i hate teriyaki salad. We are saving up for warped tour so we didnt eat too expensive, since its a rich people town lol. AND it was the first time i have ever seen an actual store for plastic surgery and botox, cuz you never see that in Etown. Anyways it was fun and we relaxed on a bench looking out at the water. =]

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  1. very cute couple!